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Are Arizona Home Owners Better Off?

by Charlie Allred

CNBC printed an article today titled “Consumers Still Struggling To Pay Back Loans“. In this article the American Banker’s Association reported that the number of delinquent loans actually moved up in the third quarter of 2010…

The rest of the article basically goes on to say that markets don’t move in a straight line and that unemployment is improving in an effort to give a positive spin to this phenomenon of increased delinquency in mortgage.

Expect Arizona short sales to continue

Remember my previous post where I stated that short sales in Arizona could become the new norm? The statistic listed above is only part of the evidence that I could offer up to prove my point.

You see… In reality, the place where you and I live and where government numbers like inflation and unemployment are created out of thin air with that “new math”, things are not improving in the real estate market; unless you are a buyer of short sales for investment purposes or maybe for a second home.

More and more people are not being employed, they are falling off the government’s official unemployment roster because they have been jobless too long! And for the CNBC article to claim that as a mark of improvement is ludicrous.

The reality is… It’s a buyers market currently in real estate. So, if you find yourself on the “needing to sell” end, you are competing with many seller who may also be facing a financial hardship or possible looking to avoid foreclosure with an Arizona short sale.

I encourage those of you who are faced with the prospect of losing your home or defaulting on a mortgage to speak to an Arizona short sale expert who can fight for a good sales price for you home. And then, put effort into selling it in a very saturated real estate market.

Again, Arizona short sales offer you the best way to avoid foreclosure, and possibly get out of a burdensome loan. Learn more about the short sale process today.

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