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Arizona Short Sale Tip: It Does Not Cost You!

by Charlie Allred

Arizona short sales are simple a technique to help you avoid foreclosure… And, one of the most common questions I can recall getting from people either considering a short sale or even beginning the short sale process is that of cost.

Well, the good news is that an Arizona short sale procedure does not require any payment for services outside of what would be considered normal in a real estate transaction. Now, there is no legal precedent for what normal commissions are, yet in most cases it is 6% paid by the seller.

So just realize that a short sale is an arrangement between you and the lender in which they accept less than the loan amount for payment. A real estate agent working the short sale will be compensated just as they would in any other normal sale. They would be paid out of the proceeds of the transaction whatever commission they are due. So, its really a beautiful option for an individual in a tough spot financially in that you will not have to “pay extra” for the service.

Aside from the extra paperwork and negotiations necessary to bring the transaction to a close, on the outside looking in it will appear to be a normal sale. So you need not worry about having to come up with extra money to pay for an Arizona short sale… Remember, the commission is treated very much like every other normal real estate transaction.

Educate yourself and learn more about the Arizona foreclosure, or read more about Arizona short sales.

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