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Arizona Foreclosure, Arizona Short Sales & Fact And Fiction

by Charlie Allred

When dealing with Arizona foreclosure and Arizona short sales, you can not believe everything you hear. In fact, I would suggest that you are being naive if you do.

The Arizona real estate market is really a fairly small community, so fear and misinformation tend to travel fast. Usually, what I recommend is that you step away from the television, the newspaper, and the internet for your information on short sales and foreclosure… Especially if you are the one facing the prospect of losing your home.

You must understand… the media has an ulterior motive for the information they give you. The must sell ad space or garner more viewers, so the more sensational a piece they produce, the more they serve their ulterior motive of self preservation.

Let’s contrast that with speaking to an Arizona short sale expert… The conversation is free. Of course, the person you speak with will make money by working with you on your situation, however there is no obligation to go with that person, so that short sale expert you speak with may invest in you and gain nothing on the back side monetarily. Of course helping an individual, even if its just a consultation, has it’s own rewards.

I invite you to speak with us at Arizona Short Sale Tips… Rather than relying on second or third hand information, reach out an let us empower you with the most accurate, up to date information found in the real estate market surrounding short sales. You will be glad you did!

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