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Short Sales And The Bandwagon…

by Charlie Allred

Short sales here in Arizona show no signs of slowing… And, because of this everybody want to jump on the bandwagon and claim to be able to help you with your short sale situation.

Don’t. Buy. It.

When it comes to short sales. Its very important to understand that they are up to the lenders discretion as to whether or not they will approve your short sale or simple not approve it. Those of us who have been in the trenches now for a few years and have built relationships with some of the principles at various banks stand a much better chance of getting you the out come you want.

So i encourage you to be certain that you get a good sense that your short sale agent or expert has a system and a team as well as the ability to negotiate on your behalf. If those items are missing you have to move on. You may only get one shot at doing it right.

Take the time to learn the process and understand why a good solid short sale expert is your best bet!

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