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Short Sales In Arizona Are Not Slowing Down

by Charlie Allred

Short sales in Arizona are really not going to slow down any time soon… You must realize that with 7 out of every 10 home owners underwater on their homes, that we have not seen all the inventory yet available.

If this is your situation and you feel that you may be looking at a foreclosure, you must act today to be sure all the options available to you are preserved. That is to say, the longer you wait to begin the Arizona short sale process or even start looking at your potential exit strategies… the more the door closes.

I was speaking with another real estate pro the other day who is frequently at the courthouse steps buying properties and he was telling me how many times he sees a home go to foreclosure and then auction with no activity on the proactive side to save the home. Meaning… home owners are not really looking at what can be done. Many are just tossing the key on the counter and leaving.

Right now in the Arizona short sale or foreclosure world… This type of thing is common, but so unnecessary.  The resources available now are incredible and in many cases free!

The big hurdle for many people is that pride comes into play. And as the saying goes, “pride goes before the fall”. If that is your stance, you must let go of that and do what is best for your future. Do you thing that your kids or spouse really care about your pride over doing what is best for your family? I don’t think so… I would bet that they would want what is best for building a new future, and with a short sale in Arizona, you can minimize or have more control over the factors that affect your tomorrow.

Act today… learn more about short sales in Arizona before you give up!

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