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What Is An Arizona Short Sale Expert?

by Charlie Allred

Arizona Short Sale Expert… Is that just a catchy phrase or is it a job title? Sometimes its hard to know.

Basically what has happened in real estate in Arizona for the last few years is a shift in where the money is to be made. You see… going into the 2000′s anyone with a pulse could make a fortune selling Arizona real estate. Then we had the mortgage meltdown in which large banks leveraged the same “tranches” of loans many times over and got caught with their pants around their ankles.

Even Warren Buffett was fooled.

Ultimately this lead to many losing their homes or being foreclosed on and the notion of loan modifications, and Arizona short sales emerged. So what did agents who could no longer make a living selling homes do? They became Arizona short sale experts.

As you can tell, I mean that somewhat sarcastically. The notion of and Arizona short sale expert is really found in a person’s experience and track record. Not every agent is an expert on Arizona short sales and you should be advised of this now.

In my office we deal in Arizona short sales quite often… we work with both lenders and individuals to try and find the best possible solution for you while giving the lender what they need to say yes to your short sale package.

So, am I a short sale expert? I have dealt with numerous Arizona short sales and have even gone through a short sale myself, so I know both sides of the table and what a real negotiation looks like.

If you are considering a short sale, I would challenge you to contact us here at Arizona Short Sale Tips and get your questions answered sooner rather than later. If you are facing the prospect of an Arizona foreclosure, time is of the essence.

Read more about short sales in Arizona and learn why working with Arizona short sale experts can make all the difference in the world in whether or not yours is successful.

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