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Your Arizona Short Sale Negotiator

by Charlie Allred

What is the role of your Arizona short sale negotiator? What does he or she do? Well, in the most basic sense the short sale negotiator is hired to negotiate with your lender or note holder on your behalf.

The actual short sale negotiation can be a long drawn out process. If you have an individual with experience in Arizona short sale, Arizona foreclosure, and dealing with various lenders, you will give yourself the best possible chance to create a favorable outcome. An experienced Arizona short sale negotiator will know exactly how to speak to a lender and know how to dispute their claims to sales price and provide accurate market analysis data to back up their position. The negotiator plays a substantial role in creating a good relationship with the lender and creating a win win scenario where you and the lender both win.

You may have most any real estate or short sale expert negotiate on your behalf, or you may even choose to use an attorney to negotiate your deal. Typically, most people use an Arizona short sale expert to handle their specific situation, but realize that these people are not qualified to give legal advice.

The fees charged in an Arizona short sale by a real estate professional are typically equivalent to the standard real estate commission. Whereas a lawyer may charge you by the hour or in some cases a flat rate. Generally, using an Arizona short sale expert will allow you to avoid any out of pocket expense. Legal advice is usually not necessary as short sales in Arizona have become very common of late.

Short sale negotiations are time consuming and complex at times… At the very least you want to be sure to have a real estate professional on your team who is well versed in the process. This can alleviate any worry you might feel as a home owner in an upside down situation. Be sure that you have hired an Arizona short sale negotiator who has a good system of follow up with both you and with your lender.

Lenders can be very difficult to deal with and often times are slow to return phone calls or emails. Your negotiator knows this going in and will have a process in place that will provide the most effective means of making progress on your case. They will also be willing to help you by communicating their positions with the lender and by advising you of what the next steps will be based on what the lender is requiring.

You will want to learn more about Arizona short sales and be sure to speak with a qualified Arizona short sale expert before jumping into any contractual obligations.

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