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Short Sale FAQ #1

by Charlie Allred

Each week we get multiple questions from clients and readers regarding the same topics around short sales in Arizona. So we are going to put these questions into a succinct series of posts as they continue to come in. Here is a short sale question that comes up a lot.

Question: I am curious about the short sale process, but I must admit I have some trepidation in entering the process as I feel it would be embarrassing to go through… How would the sale look to an outsider?

Answer: If your neighbor really wants to know if your home is being short sold, then he will find out. However, most people have a life and are not concerned with yours. And, to an outsider looking in the transaction will look just like a regular sale. There would be a regular sign in the yard and a regular listing in most cases.

Real talk: You need not worry about embarrassment when your financial future is at stake. Would it not be more embarrassing to go through a foreclosure, or be forced to live with a relative or in a vehicle? Just prioritize your decisions based on the numbers that work best for you. You can not worry about your “circle” talking about you… because the truth is they already do.

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