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Short Sales And Foreclosures Affect All Income Brackets

by Charlie Allred

Short sales and foreclosure have a stigma attached to them… This is unfortunate in as much as what has happened in the property market recently is beyond what anyone could have imagined given the history of real estate as a whole.

The thing is, this stigma of short sales and foreclosures has long been attached to the poor and the irresponsible, but that is just a judgement. It’s easy to sit on the outside of another person’s problems and pass judgement without an intimate knowledge of their circumstances. No more…

I recently spoke to a fellow REALTOR out in Mesa, who told me that the exclusive golf community of Las Sendas just received more than 90 foreclosure notices! And, this is a neighborhood with many multimillion dollar homes mixed among other high end homes.

Arizona short sales are going anywhere anytime soon folks… And, if you find you are in need of short sale help, I encourage you to contact us today.

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