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Arizona Short Sale: The Hardest Part

by Charlie Allred

Arizona short sales are good and bad… or for those of you who are more new age; they just are.

For the rest of us who assign adjectives like good and bad to the things that happen in our lives, short sales can be bittersweet.

The hardest part to deal with for most people is the pain associated with loss. Think about that for a minute. Here you are in the home you wanted and now it has become a burden financially that could literally destroy your financial health for a few years.

But, if you don’t do anything about the financial hardship you are experiencing, the emotional toll could rip your closest relationships apart due to added stress and strain surrounding money.

No one would willingly risk a losing a spouse or alienating family and friends over money or “stuff”, but it’s easy to get emotionally tied to a house.

If you are to “right the family ship” so to speak, you may have to let go of the house you call home and get out from under your burden. Emotionally, you have experiences and memories that you will feel nostalgic toward. You will have pictures in your head of good times and associate those good times with the house you had them in.

But, a house is just a house… Its you that make it a home.

The best option to protect yourself emotionally and financially is usually a short sale.

Short sales offer both financial benefits and emotional benefits over the alternative: foreclosure… When you compare the benefits of a short sale versus those of a foreclosure, its an easy win for the short sale.

Again, the hardest part is letting go… but know that you don’t have to let go of your memories only the house. You can create a new home in any house you choose.

If you are struggling, take a look at getting Arizona short sale help today.

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