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Look For Short Sales To Increase In Other Areas

by Charlie Allred

So I’m looking around online and I notice a few articles that interest me… But the one that stood out was talking about what’s happening now in other areas.

Everyone knows that states like Arizona, Florida, California, and Nevada were heavily impacted by the market downturn, yet what you might not know is that other areas which have been strong up until this point are showing weakness.

This article mentioned the Seattle area. The author suggested that as the States hardest hit are now bottoming, other areas like Seattle are just beginning to feel the impact!

This could signal more trouble and if it does look for short sales to creep into the marketplace. Again, if you have read previous posts, you know that I feel more short sales are coming and that it will just become a commonplace transaction.

The article I read may be more evidence to my thoughts on short sales.

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