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Short Sale Oddities: Even Churches Are Affected!

by Charlie Allred

Did you know that homeowners are not the only ones affected by the downturn? Commercial real estate in Arizona has been slow to recover as well, but interestingly there is another classification of property falling prey to this low price real estate environment…


Thats right. Even God isn’t selling enough tickets to his events these days. In the last 4 years, the number of churches facing foreclosure, short sale, or becoming REO has gone from almost none to around 30 per quarter or 120 per year!

And you thought your situation was tough. I mean look how many houses God has around the country and world. So just realize that when you have trouble reconciling the fact that perhaps you have more loan than house, or negative equity that you may actually be in divine company.

Obviously we’re having a little fun here at God’s expense, but I want you to consider the magnitude of what is happening here in the Arizona market at around the Nation.

You need to know that this is not a burden that you are shouldering alone. So I invite you to read through our articles and resources and educate yourself. Learn that you have some options. Learn that your future is determined by what you do today. Use that knowledge to understand that can create a different outcome even if you go through a short sale in Arizona.

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