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The Arizona Short Sale Market Status

by Charlie Allred

In a previous post, I described the phenomenon of  strategic default and in short mentioned that it is basically smart people purposely defaulting on their mortgages so as to avoid being upside down on a loan for the foreseeable future.

And, all that is true.  Its a smart way to go if you play your cards right and understand the implications and associated risks.

The strategic default really only applies to you if you are in a position to continue paying on your mortgage… It does not apply if you are already behind. And, if you are behind your options become severely limited unless and until you choose to move to right the ship. That being your financial ship, of course.

Short sale process in Arizona

Although you may feel you are the only one, Arizona short sales are not uncommon.

Enter the Arizona short sale: by speaking with an attorney or a real estate agent specializing in Arizona short sale procedures you can determine if you have a legitimate opportunity to alleviate your burdensome debt. You can sleep better at night knowing you have the knowledge necessary to provide yourself and your family the best possible outcome. And, what is more, you can get yourself going in a positive financial direction!

The peace of mind alone should be worth looking into your chances of short selling your Arizona upside down home mortgage mess.

The Arizona short sale market is still quite hot. I predicted months ago that short sales would become the new normal real estate transaction and thus far the numbers are proving me right. Short sales in Arizona are up. And, with record unemployment they stand a good chance at continuing to rise.

And because the short sale process is now more clearly defined, the people involved with seeing them through have become more adept at getting them done faster and easier than ever before.

Remember though with a short sale, time is of the essence. The last thing you want to do is wait because the window of opportunity for you to perform a short sale is narrow and is closing with every minute that passes. What you must do now is get educated. Get moving. Take action. And get a good result for yourself and family.

To learn more, read up on the process of short sales  in Arizona and then contact us today!

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