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What Is Going To Happen With Short Sales?

by Charlie Allred

If you pay any attention to the financial markets, you will note that the media typically enjoys talking up any statistic that could be perceived as positive when it comes to the state of the US economy, jobs, and of course the stock market. But, what is really happening? Will there be an end to short sales?

Doubtful… Governments and wall street pundits love to tout numbers that are more or less fabricated for lack of a better term when they want you, the consumer, to buy something. That includes stocks, bonds, and homes being offered up as short sales.

The real situation often takes a backseat to ulterior motives.

Unfortunately, short sales in Arizona will continue to be a process that exists in the housing market for years to come. This is because the number of homes on the market is not declining. In addition, the economy is not picking up. America doesn’t really produce anything anymore. The next time you go to Target or Walmart, just pick up any item and see where it was made!

Jobs are the result of production and with the US having the 2nd highest tax rate in the world, don’t look for business to do anything but look for other areas and countries to call home. No, Arizona short sales will continue on as more and more people realize they are in a tough spot.

Arizona short sales have their place and I urge you to educate yourself on the short sale process and the short sale benefits if you are finding yourself in the position of having a financial hardship.

To learn more about Arizona short sales, read our short sale articles and contact us as time is of the essence.

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