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Arizona Foreclosure

Walk away or stick it out? Watch as the home owners below explain their thought process behind staying the course on their nearly 200k negative equity mortgage! Vegas has been hit much like Arizona. And these home owners “put their … Continue reading

Arizona foreclosures are up! Arizona short sales are up! But wait… So is tenancy? Yep… You can use a short sale to avoid foreclosure and then rent for a while. That seems to be the plan many are choosing to … Continue reading

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 70% Of Arizona Homeowners Underwater! Phoenix, Arizona – Tuesday April 19th, 2011 – Recent survey conducted by Zillow shows that 70% of Phoenix home owners are now underwater! According to a recent report issued by Zillow, 69.90% … Continue reading

70%, yes I said 70% of Arizona home owners are currently upside down on their homes… Meaning they have more mortgage than house. So, what are the banks doing? Well, they are sending out foreclosure notices like coupons for the … Continue reading

Arizona short sales are simple a technique to help you avoid foreclosure… And, one of the most common questions I can recall getting from people either considering a short sale or even beginning the short sale process is that of … Continue reading