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Arizona Foreclosure

CNBC printed an article today titled “Consumers Still Struggling To Pay Back Loans“. In this article the American Banker’s Association reported that the number of delinquent loans actually moved up in the third quarter of 2010… The rest of the … Continue reading

Arizona Foreclosure Fears

by Charlie Allred

Look there is really no 2 ways about it… When it comes to Arizona foreclosure it is very easy to get caught up in the fear and doubt associated with the prospect of losing your home. But  today I want … Continue reading

Lets chat for a minute about alternatives to Arizona foreclosure… You already know that I feel that the Arizona short sale is by far the best option, but there are other plans out there. So I want to share them … Continue reading

Bloomberg reported recently that there are now fewer homes on the market in which the homeowner is facing a negative equity situation. However, while this news appears good on the surface… the real reason for this change is because of … Continue reading

Talk about mass confusion… Terms like Arizona short sale, loan modification, HAMP, and HAFA are being tossed around now like footballs on Thanksgiving day and for me, I see people struggling to make sense of it all. Really, why do … Continue reading