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What If I Have Two Loans?

by Charlie Allred

A great many people in today’s marketplace facing foreclosure or an eminent short sale find themselves in a position of having two loans. It could be 100% financing where the down payment and the loan amount are mortgaged, or it … Continue reading

Short sales here in Arizona show no signs of slowing… And, because of this everybody want to jump on the bandwagon and claim to be able to help you with your short sale situation. Don’t. Buy. It. When it comes … Continue reading

Arizona Short Sale Expert… Is that just a catchy phrase or is it a job title? Sometimes its hard to know. Basically what has happened in real estate in Arizona for the last few years is a shift in where … Continue reading

What is the role of your Arizona short sale negotiator? What does he or she do? Well, in the most basic sense the short sale negotiator is hired to negotiate with your lender or note holder on your behalf. The … Continue reading

When dealing with Arizona foreclosure and Arizona short sales, you can not believe everything you hear. In fact, I would suggest that you are being naive if you do. The Arizona real estate market is really a fairly small community, … Continue reading