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Most recent Case Shiller report shows prices of homes in February fell another 3.3% which is just about equal to the post crash level reached in April 2009. This is the 7th straight month of downward pressure. Overall home prices … Continue reading

Short sales and foreclosure have a stigma attached to them… This is unfortunate in as much as what has happened in the property market recently is beyond what anyone could have imagined given the history of real estate as a … Continue reading

Short Sale FAQ #1

by Charlie Allred

Each week we get multiple questions from clients and readers regarding the same topics around short sales in Arizona. So we are going to put these questions into a succinct series of posts as they continue to come in. Here … Continue reading

Short sales can and will have an effect on your credit or FICO score. The question you have to ask yourself is to what extent and will it be more or less advantageous than a foreclosure. The credit consequences of … Continue reading

Arizona short sales do have a negative effect on your credit. The real question is to what degree will a short sale effect your credit and is it ultimately better than the effect of a foreclosure. There really are no … Continue reading