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Arizona Short Sale

Lenders are currently realizing that foreclosing upon a home, which can be principally defined as the procedure of the lender siezing control of your house, may not really be the best solution for them or perhaps the most valuable solution … Continue reading

Arizona short sales are simply a technique to help you avoid real estate foreclosure… And, probably the most common questions I’m able to recall getting from people either considering a short sale or even just beginning the short sale process … Continue reading

Short Sale or Foreclosure? My neighbor may be facing a short sale or a foreclosure in the near future… Its tough to see things like this even as a possibility for some of you guys out there. Here’s the story: … Continue reading

In a previous post you may remember that I spoke about Arizona short sales not being used when in most cases they can be, but did you know the reason why? It seems that much of the recent information on … Continue reading

Quick News Update: Arizona short sales will be added to the new Arizona Association of Realtors contract as an addendum… More to follow once complete info is available.