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Short Sale In Arizona

Arizona Short Sales benefit the banks. You heard me correctly… The short sale process benefits the bank. Now, that’s not to say it doesn’t benefit you as well. In fact, short sales benefit consumers immensely. But make no mistake. Banks … Continue reading

In recent months the “Short Sales In Arizona” topic has taken a backseat to the question of the economy. People continue to argue back and forth on the economy… It’s improving. It’s not improving. It’s anybody’s guess right? Wrong. Fundamentally … Continue reading

Your Short Sale, My Short Sale

by Charlie Allred

Short sales have been a hot topic lately and its really no wonder as to why…  According the most recent home sale data coming from the NAR, existing home sales fell again in February! That doesn’t bode well for home … Continue reading

Let me explain… What many of the large lenders will do is they will have an independent company or person come to your property with the intent of looking at the comparisons in your area and then assigning a sales … Continue reading

Every heard of someone short selling a luxury home? I know, right? I can already hear you saying “poor little rich boy” under your breath. The fact is that the economy has affected us all… And, believe it or not … Continue reading