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Arizona Short Sale: Does The Process Require A Different Kind Of Professional?

by Charlie Allred

arizona short sale

Your Arizona short sale expert can help!

The Arizona short sale process can be difficult for sellers both emotionally and financially. The situation can be stressful and demanding… But what about the other side of the transaction? What toll does it take on the short sale specialist working the file?

In conversation with a fellow Arizona short sale professional, I was shocked to learn that she was considering walking away from real estate in favor of returning to the teaching profession… Her experience with dealing with the banks and all parties involved in the process has her wondering if she had made the right decision when taking on the prospect of working  short sales in Arizona.

The thing is… Most short sale experts genuinely care about their clients. We are not in this business just to make money, but to also make a difference to those we serve. And, the nature of working with a distressed seller places a tremendous amount of pressure on the individual being relied on to remedy the situation.

Sure, as a short sale expert, I want the deal to go through. I want to make money… Yet, I also want to get my client into a better financial position so when things get tough that weighs on my mind. Honestly, I carry it with me sometimes. I feel that it takes a different kind of person to work short sales. From dealing with all the red tape at the bank to having an understanding of the client’s situation and needs. Psychologically, it can take a toll.

At the end of the day, I know we are making a difference in people’s lives and bettering their financial troubles. This keeps me engaged and working toward the end result with passion and diligence. In working with short sales, I have gained a great deal of insight and “best practices” that make the job manageable and successful for all parties involved. Sure, life happens, but once we start we don’t quit and we continually work toward solution.

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