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Beware Of Arizona Short Sale Scams!

by Charlie Allred

As sad as it is these days… Arizona short sale scams do exist! Why anyone would seek to take advantage of another individual in a tough financial position is beyond me. Yet, predators do not always look like predators. And, some homeowners facing foreclosure may be susceptible to scams due to a heightened state of emotion and a desire to remedy their situation. Just get the facts no matter who you choose to deal with. The Arizona short sale help you need may be just a few mouse clicks or a phone call away.

Arizona short sale help doesn't have to be hard to find...

As a homeowner worried about the prospect of a foreclosure, you owe it to yourself to avoid emotional decisions. Unfortunately, there are “rescue” scams in the marketplace. These scams may cost you monetarily and yield no results. Worse still you may find yourself in a less advantageous position which may result in a total loss of your home, or perhaps even find yourself a victim of fraud. The thing you must know is that once you are placed into pre-foreclosure by your bank or lender, that information becomes a matter of public record. So, anyone can look up these proceedings and then contact you with whatever offer they may have.

When you speak to anyone about your situation or an Arizona short sale, listen for red flags. The following list contains verbiage that could tip you off to a fraudulent transaction.

If you are contacted by someone who can guarantee to stop the foreclosure… run the other way unless you are talking to your lender. Only your lender can stop the proceeding.

If you are asked to pay large up front fees be sure to note what the money is for and ask around to find out if these are normal costs.

If you are asked to transfer title of the property… This is not necessary or normal when beginning an Arizona short sale. Do not do it.

If you are shielded from your lender or bank and asked not to contact them, this is shady. While your Arizona short sale specialist will deal with your lender on your behalf, normally you are never restricted from speaking to them directly

Of course this is not an exhaustive list and you should do your homework on anyone you choose to work with. And, if you suspect fraud, Contact The Department of Financial Institutions or The Attorney General’s Office and speak with someone about your experience.

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