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Short Sale Or Bust!

by Charlie Allred

Short sales have really become commonplace in today’s real estate market.

Previously, I wrote and aritcle titled “Short Sale: The New Norm” where I basically outlined why you will be seeing more short sales from an economic point of view, but I didn’t really go into why you may be seeing more short sales from another angle; that of the seller.

As a troubled seller of a home, one may be faced with many challenges… They could be personal or they could be professional or business related. Another is really what is best for you the home owner? How can you get out of this upside down loan situation and correct your hardship as quickly as possible?

In keeping with Tony Robbins idea that we humans only behave for 2 reasons; one of which is the desire to avoid pain… What is the least painful way to correct this situation?

Being in real estate, I have seen the options and the best one is by far a short sale.

A short sale will get you out of the upside down situation, with no lingering loan payments in most cases, and has the least impact on your credit and ability to purchase a home in the future…

No brainer, right? You would think… however you may find yourself so embarrassed that you do not even reach out for help! Look, I have been there personally and understand the fear surrounding a short sale. But, you must act.

Learn more about getting Arizona short sale help today.

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