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Your Short Sale, My Short Sale

by Charlie Allred

Short sales have been a hot topic lately and its really no wonder as to why…  According the most recent home sale data coming from the NAR, existing home sales fell again in February!

That doesn’t bode well for home prices when sales continue to fall. I mean… id your upside down already and seeking advice on what to do about it, then you can bet that market forces won’t be helping you out one bit.

Short sales in Arizona are so prevalent for that very reason. 70% of homeowners are underwater with no hope of ever digging their way out… If you are finding that situation to be all to familiar, your best option is an Arizona short sale.

You can do your own research on the matter, but I can tell you from statistical evidence that a short sale is by far the best way to get out from under a mortgage payment that is leading you into foreclosure. Loan mods seldom work.

Your short sale, my short sale… the market is dictating that short sales will be around for a while. I urge you to read more about Arizona short sale help and look ahead to what you can create once your foreclosure issue are behind you!

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